7+ days in advance: full refund

2+ days in advance: 50% refund

Less than 2 days in advance: no refund

NOTE: For payments using Venmo or Paypal, the transaction fee will not be refunded.

Studio Quotes

Once the studio booking form has been submitted, and after the specified date and time is confirmed available and all other booking details are made clear, a studio quote will be sent to the provided email address. Once accepted, a studio quote counts as a formal booking subject to the fees specified above.


Requested time slots will not be guaranteed until payment is made in full unless specific arrangements have been made prior to the inception of the project. Recorded media will not be delivered until payment is made in full.

For live concert bookings, the additional charge includes one hour of additional time prior to booking start, as well as setting out the chairs for an audience.


We are in the process of transitioning to a new system. Please stand by.

Live streaming

A scheduled event will be created and link sent to you once payment is received. If you wish to use a different channel or platform, you must specify this during the booking process; otherwise the above default will be used. Additional materials, such as a program indicating intermission or graphics to be displayed, must be provided at least 2 days in advance.

By default, livestreams are broadcast continuously from start to finish on the Klavierhaus YouTube channel and then deleted. Livestreams are always recorded for archival purposes, a copy of which will be provided upon request.


5+ days in advance: full migration

1+ days in advance: 50% of original fee added

Same day reschedule: 100% of original fee added 

NOTE: For payments using Venmo or Paypal, the transaction fee will not be refunded.


We encourage you to try the concert instruments available at Klavierhaus prior to recording to ensure suitability for your project. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment with one of our concert technicians. They will be happy to meet with you and adjust your chosen piano to your liking prior to recording time.

Immediate delivery

Unless storage media is provided (i.e. flash drive or memory card), all recorded materials will be sent online. We can also upload recordings that were not already livestreamed to the Klavierhaus Live YouTube channel with your desired privacy setting.


Please note, for single-camera video recordings, editing between takes is not possible. For other recordings with multiple takes, it’s recommended you select takes yourself; if you want the engineer to do it, this will be billed separately at the hourly post-production fee. For multiple camera recordings with multiple takes, audio will be edited prior to editing video.


If you want multiple video sessions to look the same (i.e. for editing purposes), you must specify this during the booking process so we can mark everything and restore the previous setup.

Set design

The default look will be with our black backdrop. Any other look should be requested in advance. Feel free to inquire further as our inventory may be updated periodically.